4.​ Payment Policy

  1. Payment is due from February (all returning learners) or the month a learner joins the programme UP TO AND INCLUDING NOVEMBER.
  2. If a learner leaves the programme before OCTOBER, they will be deregistered and required to re-register and pay registration fee when they re-join the programme in the following year.
  3. Termination of agreement/deregistration of a learner during the year (before OCTOBER) will require one month’s notice and payment for that month is due (the learner may continue with lessons for that month).
  4. No learner may leave the programme in JUNE or OCTOBER for that academic year.
  5. Debit orders and EFT (electronic funds transfers) are preferable. Cash payments may be done during operating hours, please insist on a receipt for your own record keeping.
  6. Payment is due before/on the 1 st day for each month. If payment has not been received as agreed; full payment for the outstanding amount and that current month must be settled.
  7. Payment may only be deferred for 1 month. If payment has not been received for 2 months, your child will automatically be deregistered at the end of the 2 nd month. If payment has not been made in 3 months after deregistration, the account will be transferred to legal representatives and debt collectors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any matter that is not clear

Exceller Tutoring Banking Details:

Account number: 62548762914

First National Bank (FNB)

Branch code: 250655